my mom told me to put the dog to bed but didn’t specify which bed 

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Elaine Stritch rests her bike, reads a note, almost causes a riot.      

NEW YORK, June 26—TOLD TO KEEP HER SHIRT ON – Blonde Elaine Stritch, understudy to Ethel Merman in the Broadway hit, “Call Me Madam,” wears halter and shorts which cause her arrest in Central Park. Today she was fined $1 and told by Magistrate Emilio Jones, “A beautiful girl like you could cause a small riot and cause a large crowd to collect by removing your shirt.” “Well,” she replied, “I was there all day and nothing happened.” (AP, 1951)

An inspiration to aspiring dames, broads and good-time girls everywhere. RIP, Ms Stritch.

She was phenomenal. 

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Mr. Rock reminding you of the white male dominated entertainment industry’s racist fuckery.

just say it like it is

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  • impulsively bought a ticket with my girls to chicago for next month 
  • and then tickets to robyn + röyksopp for when we’re there
  • [cuz arcade fire was sold out w/e]
  • what are some places we should hit up?


a drawing about optimism

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I was driving past a business here in the Houston Heights, when I glimpsed this painted on the side of the building. I recognized that iconic WWII poster before I realized it was not just any woman, but 14 year old Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani girl who was attacked for wanting an education. The words next to her are her quote, ( “I don’t mind if I have to sit on the floor at school.) All I want is education. And I’m afraid of no one.”

This is gorgeous.


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Chris Pratt: New EW Portraits

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